Available here, this terminal app provides a simple way to access discord in a minimal or covert fashion.

The docmentation is relatively straight forward, the only issue I encounted was aqcuiring the token. I used a YouTube video because the guide on the git page didn't seem to work for Chromium derivatives. This guides says hit F12, then go to your networking tab. Reload the discord page and look for the "application" field that was returned. The long string following "authorization" is your token, it can look very diffrerent from the one provided on the git page.

You can do some fun things with this, like setting your active game.

From what I can see, all basic commands are based on the client, there are not global commands that are interpreted by the server. All functionality used by the CLI client will need to be bot based.


I have noticied that commands to switch servers and channels can be iffy, needing to be entered multiple times.